Need help removing transmission on 94 Pup

09-17-2006, 01:55 PM

I am trying to put a new clutch into my sister's 94 PUP with 5 speed manual trans.

My mother was driving the truck, and completely fried/shredded the clutch disk.

She is not mechanically inclined, and I was not there, but she said it was smoking, and she could smell burning smell.

I have replaced clutches in rear wheel drive vehicles before, and expected it to be very straigtforward.

I dropped driveshaft, unbolted rear trans mount at cross-member, and unbolted all (I think) motor to trans bolts through bell housing.

I also removed starter.

Problem is that the transmission will not come away from engine.

If I lift the rear of the trans, I can make a gap between engine and trans at bottom, but no matter what I do, the top acts like there is still a bolt there holding it together.

I can feel around with my hand, and dont feel any bolts remaining.

I am wondering if the remains of the clutch disk could have siezed onto the trans front shaft, and the whole mess is now held together by the pressure plate bolted to the fly wheel?

Any suggestions would be apprieciated!

07-14-2008, 11:26 PM
Know its a really old thread, But Im having the exact same problem, Any suggestions??

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