Need help with changing shift knob on 350Z(Manual Transmission)

09-14-2006, 04:49 AM
I need help with changing my shift knob on my 350Z Fairlady(Manual Transmission) i tried to twist the factory gear knob anti-clockwise n pull it but it seems impossible to do it that i need some tips from u guyz..n i have heard that some ppl have trouble after changing their gear knob,like noise problem..the gear knob im gonna change to is the short shift veilside gear knob..will i have any trouble after changing to the veilside gear knob?hope to get the answer from u guyz soon..thx..

Also..i have read that some ppl scratch their gear knob when they pull it..when i buy it i dun get a leather for it so i don't wanna tear my leather off when i change the gear knob..thx guyz

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