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Timing belt/ crankshaft sensor

98 mitsu
09-03-2006, 01:35 PM
I took off the t-belt and wanted to replace the crank seal. The bottom gear was stuck and after I did get it off I took off the reluctor. There's a washer behind that. I noticed that the reluctor has pins to aling it with the crank/t-belt gear. But on the washer there is a spot for pins to aling it but no pins in the reluctor. There is a spot on the reluctor that appears to be for pins. The timimg belt is lined up correctly but it will just idle and will not accel. It feels like the timing is retarded, but everything is correct. I believe that some how the crank sensor became damaged and I want to put on a new reluctor. Does anyone know if the reluctor has pins on both sides for the washer and gear on a 1998. Any opinions/experance would be helpful.

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