Fuel Pressure Regulator

08-27-2006, 06:11 PM
i replaced the fuel pressure regulator yesterday and after countless frustations and many cuss words i got it all back together and no leaks.....now the problem theres no fuel pressure on start up to even get it running i have to hit the gas while turning the key.....but it runs just fine no hesitation,surging nothing.....and when i turn it off it hisses but like i said no leaks i checked everywhere my only guess is when i was putting the new reg on i looked at it and thought to myself the O-ring was smaller then the O-ring on the one i took out and it slipped in and out easier then the old one could that be my problem?

09-02-2006, 03:20 PM
okay now its interesting.......i replaced the O-ring on the new one with a bigger one.....still had no pressure on start up....changed it out again with a same size but thicker.......same problem....now if i went bigger or thicker again it would have been too big......the whole peice seemed to be too small....didn't fit in the rail right too much give.......the vacuum fitting on it was also too small.....the line slipped around on it......i put the old one back on and bam not one damn problem except that it leaks when its cold and its starting to get colder and already would leak in 70 degree weather.....now i had the same problem with my belt the guy at Autozone (who can now name off my year,make,model and engine size lol) and other places said the belt was suppose to be 46 inches but the one i pulled off the car was 47....and it was really tight so i replaced with a 48 and it fit perfect like the belt is suppose too. so do i have a weird engine that was built just a little bit bigger or am i screwing up some how.

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