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Probation + Speeding ticket = ?????

08-25-2006, 08:04 PM
Hey you guys, well i got a ticket for speed contest and speeding 1 year ago. I got lucky and they let me off with a nice big fine and probation for 3 years. Well today i was speeding and the cop got me. I asked for a warning, but he didnt want to give it to me cuz he had already wrote the ticket. So from what i understand if i am under probation and i get a ticket i go to jail right? Thats what i was worried about. But the cop didnt even look at my record. He just gave me a ticket for going 92 mph. What is going to happen to me next???? Do i have a chance to get away with this???? I know you guys are not lawyers but i just wanted to know if any one of you guys or people you know have passed through this situation. What i have in mind is to try to get my probation off before i get my ticket in the mail. Anyways i just want to know what im going to be up against.

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