suggestions for first car

08-22-2006, 06:10 PM
hey people, this is my first post in this forum. and i am in the process of getting my own car.
i really like the colorado, but i was just wondering which of the common light duty pick-ups i should get. actually the silverado has an edge over the others. since my uncle distributes GM and he can get me it cheap.
i was thinking of either colorado, the yota tacoma, and ford ranger. i am going to buy a 2WD street truck. which one is better??? i mean, which has more performance....durability.....and basically which is the common preference......
actually i almost had my mind made up about a colorado 4-banger with street pak, sport suspension, extreme pacakage, rear discs and 5-sp manual. but then i started to look at the yota....and im not sure any more.
also, is the I-5 really much better than the I-4????
i have only driven the I-4 and thouhgt it was pretty quick, altough it was my friends and it was preped up.
i was thinking of working the CAMS, since someone in family does that, air intake, exhaust, gaskets, performance chip, and maybe a turbo...........
anything else not too extreme mods?????
thanks and sorry for writting too much...........


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