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Oil change, 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue

08-23-2002, 11:46 AM
Where is the oil filter located on the 3.5 litre engine in my 1999 Olds Intrigue? Is it a spin-on type filter or a paper filter that fits in a canister?


09-28-2003, 05:52 PM
Your filter, like mine, is a canister type. On the bottom of the oil pan is a "star" shaped plastic canister that you spin off. Inside is the canister oil filter. No big deal to change, just different and more expensive.

09-29-2003, 07:26 AM
How do you get the canister off?
I've looked at it under the car a couple of times and it doesn't seem like a normal oil filter wrench would fit it.

Is there a special tool needed?


09-29-2003, 07:58 AM
I use an oil filter cap wrench "A". It is an inexpensive circular oil filter wrench designed to fit over the end of a conventional oil filter. It has a 3/8 drive socket hole and fits my '99 Intrigue 3.5L cap perfectly.

Have fun!

09-29-2003, 08:22 AM
Thanks for the info.
I will try that.

One other question... is there alot of oil present when you take off the cap, similar to when you remove a screw-on filter?

09-29-2003, 03:43 PM
As I recall - only done the change twice now - Not a ton. The canister is an open cylinder at the top with the filter inside. There is oil in the canister, so you will not want to tip it until it is clear of the pan and then you can pour it into your container. You will have some running down your arm but not all that much as I recall.
As I said in an earlier post, the biggest deal is that the canister types are not cheap. I think the best I have done is just under $7.00. If you find them for less buy a few.

One other question for you, are you affiliated with NWA?

10-03-2003, 09:30 PM
Shop around. One Auto Zone by my house charges $9.00 for a filter. The other one is $3.99 for the same thing.

06-07-2006, 05:19 AM
Found an oil filter cup wrench that works great. Got it from Advance Auto parts. Cost about $5. AmPro # T70401 74/76mm 15 flutes

06-07-2006, 09:11 AM
Thanks for the oil filter wrench part number!

06-09-2006, 09:59 AM
i didnt have much luck with the wrenches that fit both 74 and 76, the 74 portion was too far up to catch on the one i used.

If that one doesnt work i can get you a part # for one that will, but i special ordered it and i think it was like 9 bucks or something?

06-09-2006, 10:17 AM
Found an oil filter cup wrench that works great. Got it from Advance Auto parts. Cost about $5. AmPro # T70401 74/76mm 15 flutes

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