Brake problems

08-15-2006, 11:11 PM
I have a 96 RAM1500 4X4 with about 149000 miles and whenever I am at slow speeds maybe somewhere between 1 and 10 mph I here a noise sounds like the front drivers side tire is rubbing, but no tire rubbing have had it looked at a couple of times Big O said it was rotors so I replaced brake pads and rotors about 4-5 months ago and it went away but now it is back.Mostly notice it at low speed when I turn but also does it occassionally just driving straight. Also my brake pedal feels kinda soft like there is air in the lines but they have been bled until new fluid come out by me and Big O. Does anyone know what would cause these?

All the brake hardware, shoes, and wheel cylinders have been replace out back and up front the rotors, pads and calipers have been replace in the last 4-5 months. Thanks for any help

08-16-2006, 03:03 AM
A good place to check is in between the gas tank and the frame.... Dodge trucks are notorious for rusting brake lines there. look for a wet frame... I have replaced several of these...

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