1989 Colt Blown Engine PLEASE HELP!

08-15-2006, 05:20 PM
This may be long so please bear with me.

In July due to money and storage considerations we decided to sell a car we no longer needed and that I couldn't drive because it was a stick shift. We purchased the car a 1989 Plymouth Colt DL Station Wagon for our pizza shop as a delivery car in Jan. 2004 from a used car dealer. We sold the shop and no longer needed the car and it was sitting in our yard for around a year. We ran the car, and moved it around the driveway and yard when things needed to be moved, used, etc. and the car was in the way. The car passed the last e-check and the tags expired June 2005, so it was still run and moved, but not driven any distance. In July 2006 when we put the car up for sale, a woman knocked on our door asking about the car as she was in need of a car because she blew the engine on her other car 3 weeks earlier, when I went out there was a guy under the car checking it over, he checked under it and the engine and it was a good 20 min. + look, not a quick one. To try and make a long story short, the woman wanted to test drive the car, but said to me, "It has been years since I drove a stick shift, so I am going to let him test drive it" then she laughed, and said, "but it is probably like riding a bike". So the guy that looked over the car, and my husband took it for a drive. When they got back the man and woman discussed the price, what they needed to do to the car, etc. They said since it had 128,000 miles on it, needed an oil change, tune-up, a front end alignment and some tires they were willing to pay X amount. Husband and I agreed on this price as the car was just sitting here not being used, couldn't afford more insurance on another car, and in our way. She went to get the money, came back, put tags from her old car on the car, took the title, keys and said, I hope I remember how to do this, and she laughed. I told her that I didn't drive stick but I knew if she didn't know how that she could break or blow up something and she better be careful. She laughed and said don't worry about it, then drove away. The following day she came back yelling she wanted her money back because she blew up the engine on the car after only 62 miles and that the car was in another city and we had to go get it. She said that she threw a rod that the oil was black in the car and we knew this and sold her a lemon. But when we sold her the car we took money off the asking price because we KNEW it was and old car, needed an oil change, tune-up, etc. as that was the agreement between ALL people for the sales price, we never hid anything from them! Her home is only 5 mins. if that from ours, and NOT 62 miles away by the way. Now my questions are how does one throw a rod on an engine???

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