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2001 Civic EX - rear speaker removal, help

08-14-2006, 07:35 PM
Could someone please advise me on how to remove the rear speaker? I have one bad speaker and can not see how the speaker is removed, Thanks, Ed

08-24-2006, 01:24 PM
2 door 4 door?


1. Fold down the rear seats and remove them.
the small seat on the left has a small velcro patch with 2 bolts, remove the bolts and pull the seat out. in the same bracket you will find another screw to remove the other seat back. pull the screw and push the seat a little to pop it out.

2. Remove bottom of seat
there is one screw in the right center of the bottom seat. it will be right near the seat belt clip. remove that screw and just pull up, doesnt require alot of force.

3. Remove window trims
the trim panels on the sides of the rear window are just on clips so just give it a small tug and both of them will just pop out.

4. Remove side panels
inorder to get the package tray out the side panels need to be removed too. there is one clip where the trunk access is on either side. this clip was a pain in the ass to get out for me. after it is removed start at the package tray and pull the side panel outwards. keep pulling it out in the same way because it hooks around the door jam. repeat for the opposite side.

5. Remove package tray (finally)
from the back seat you will find 3 clips that fold under the edge of the tray and clip in, this is along the top of the trunk access. from the trunk you will find 7 white clips sticking through. use a pair of pliers to squeeze them and push them up through. also remember to disconnect the wires to the speakers and brake light. then again from the inside, just lift and pull the tray out.

6. Replace Speakers
remove the 4 bolts holding the old ones in and put in whatever ones you want. i put in a set of Eclipse 6X9s. also if you can find a small ratchet wrench of something of the soft it will make it easier because the back window makes it hard to get them out. definatly a tight spot.

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