ATTENTION---Read now before posting ANY MORE REPLIES

08-03-2006, 07:21 PM
This is the final warning to this section.

Post Whoring:
Post whoring is slang for spamming which is slang for posting lots of unwanted, unnecessary stuff. This can be further expanded as any inane, pointless, offensive or useless posts. It should be kept to an absolute minimum in the technical forums (if at all) and kept in check in any off-topic thread/section such as COT.
The following is considered spam / post whoring:
Very short posts that do not add value to the current discussion. (For example: a post with only the words "yeah me too!").
Double posts. Members should know that they can use the edit button to correct any mistake in their post or to append to it.
Posts that obviously serve no purpose other than to up ones' post counts.
Posts like "XXX, I have a question for you". These should be done via the private messaging system.
Starting a new thread when a similar thread has already been started.
Any other posts that we deem inappropriate for other readers.
Posts that contain large amounts of similes and or spaces to make it look like they contain useful information, but aren't.

Certain forum may get special permission from the administrators to recieve an Off Topic thread. The Cavalier section was declined the special permission.


First violation will result in a one week ban from AF.

Second violation will result in a one month ban from AF.

Third violation is a permanent ban.

Do I make myself clear?

08-03-2006, 08:12 PM
sir yes sir!!! I fully understand what you have just stated. :lol:

EDIT: just wondering how come we were denied permission for and ''off-topic'' subforum?

08-03-2006, 09:07 PM
EDIT: just wondering how come we were denied permission for and ''off-topic'' subforum?Because at this point in time we the administration see no need for it.

For starters...

We are trying to curtail the post whoring/spam.
As mentioned in the guidelines, those types of posts consists of unwarranted unnecessary stuff. They add nothing of value to the sections as shown by the few posts already posted. The ones posted show me that if a section was to be added it would be full of nonsense and not be on topic at all.
We already have a Completely Off Topic section.
Any off topic can be placed there so long as it makes sense. Mind you the rules still apply there as well.
The amount of volume does not constitute the need for one.
Unlike other sections that are large, the Cavalier section does not have the volume requirement to substaniate the need for one.Therefore we would appreciate it if any member feels like starting a off topic post/thread that it be in COT. Doing so here after being told not too will result in the post being deleted to spam and subject the poster to the Post Whoring/Spam guidelines as well a not adhereing to the staff members' request not to do so, which can result in your visiting privledges suspended.


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