GTO or 350z

08-03-2006, 07:42 PM
hey guys, im saying goodbye to the mustang, i had it to long and its time to get a real car. heres my problem. i dont know what to get. i want a new 350z or a new gto. i test drove both, the gto seems like it need more HP to reach 400, but much fast then the 350. the z was tighter and more sexier. i guess it all comes down to speed or looks. also, what is more reliable. i want a car where people see me and say wow, i want a car where girls want to ride shoot gun. i got a big head, what can i say. i need some opinions. what would you pick and why. the more help the better. they both are around 32000 new. thanks alot.

09-05-2006, 03:47 AM
from what you describe, it sounds like you want a G35. But out of the two, I'd choose 350z. GTO is faster, but its not as sexy.

10-07-2006, 05:30 PM
from what you describe, it sounds like you want a G35. But out of the two, I'd choose 350z. GTO is faster, but its not as sexy.
I agree with silverbolt. A G35 has a sexy look. Value wise, The 350Z/G35 will hold it's value better than a GTO. We bought our son a 04 G35 coupe. It has Brembo brakes and 6-speed. This is what it looks like after just owning it a couple of weeks. We had the windows tinted , overlays on the headlights and taillights. The trunk is also debaged now. We just got a skyline style grille that is going to the paint shop next week. Next summer we are going with a APS twin turbo. Here are some pics of the car. You decide what's best for you and not for what's around you. My son went from his 86 300ZX turbo to a G35. And he loves it.

12-12-2006, 08:34 PM
Hmm, I'm usually pretty hard on the GTo. But in this debate the GTO does okay IMHO. I'm not crazy about the looks of either personally, with the G35 being far better looking than these two IMO, but looks are subjective so you have to go your own way here.

But, pertinent questions might be....How much does comfort matter to you? The 350Z rides a bit too rough for my tastes, in this respect the GTO is better to be sure.

The 350Z has impressive handling limits, but unfortunately it doesn't tend to become more fun pushed when past 8/10, just more frightening which for some takes away in this category. The GTO doesn't handle as well and never feels tossable IMO. But it is never really scary either with the car doing exactly what you tell it to.

Power, the GTO bury's either. But the 350Z is more than fast enough for 9/10 of folks to be sure. It is worth mentioning that the GTO also has a better interior than does the 350Z even if the Goat's shifter is awful and the trunk is a joke.

If you don't need room for more than two either will do. But they are very different with one being a compentent grand tourer that goes like stink and the other being a hard edged sports car. I suppose the question is wether you want a sports car or a GT.

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