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Smoking r front wheel well 99 LTD

korean jeep
08-01-2006, 09:58 AM
My 99 GC had the "pulsing" when stopping curse. I bought rotors and pads at Autozone. Had them changed, as well as a rusty brake line. I drove the vehicle about 150 miles, some high speed expressway type miles. No problem until about the 4th day in city traffic while waiting at a red light I got a LOT of smoke rolling from the right front wheel. I had driven about 6 miles, stopped for 1 minute, drove 8 miles, stopped for 5 minutes, drove 1/2 mile when it started to smoke. I pulled over and the RF wheel was too hot to touch. Bad brake smell. About a minute / 1 kilometer before the smoke, I mentioned it seemed like the jeep wanted to slow as soon as I let off the gas, and slightly to the right. After it cooled I drove home- 2 miles and the entire under ground parking area and building above it smelled like hot brakes for ten minutes.

The next day I tried to roll it in "N", heard an initial "crack", with just a little bit of a nudge. I haven't been able to show it to the brake guy cause it won't do it again.

Anyone seen/fixed this before?

110k on the vehicle.....


fordin K
08-02-2006, 01:57 AM
first of all sounds like your calipers are locking up( VERY common ) on jeeps and dodge vehicles. normally at 5 years of age I would replace the calipers with pads. it probaly is not releasing so one side pad and rotor got exposed to some very high heat !! also never touch brakes when there smoking hot !! its worst then opening a hot radiator cap. make sure you don't forget to check clean and adjust rear brakes so your front brakes don't do ALL the work.

01-24-2010, 01:14 PM
I have a 2000 GC and have had the same issue! I bought the car with only 49k on it and about 2 days later I noticed it felt like the brake was on when driving. I went to the store one day and on my way back the whole car started shaking violently! I had to pull off of the road. I jumped out and noticed the front drivers side brake smoking very bad. Had to wait an hour before I could get back home. So here we go........ I had a new caliper installed, new brake pads, new rotors, new brake line that was on back order for 2 months cost 75 bucks from dealer, also had brake system flush and nothing helped! SO NOW IM FURIOUS! I have been dealing with this issue for 3 years now and Im not going to deal with it anymore. I clean the car up like new and take it to trade it off! When I get to the jeep Dealer they want to know why it smells like burning brakes? I told them what all I was dealing with and maybe they could fix the problem being a jeep dealer. Long story short....I left in the jeep and not a different car. They didnt want it. So Im down to the ABS pump as the problem, but still not sure.
I will NEVER buy another jeep product again! Hope this helps some.

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