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Disabling DRLs 99-00 Grand Am

07-23-2006, 12:14 PM
Here is where I got the info on Disabling DRLs. ( does list several makes and models.
If you hav done a different year of Grand AMs( other than 99-00') from the Lightsout site/list you could post it here and some pointers.

This is For The 99-00 Grand AM.

*If you hav this Body Control Module ( in your 99-00 Alero with the same part #09361429 chances are it will work for you, BUT this is all " !! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!".

Also here is the Headlamp Wiring Diagram ( for Alero(99-00), Cutlass(97-99), Grand Am(99-00), Malibu(97-00).

I hav added Pictures to simplify this even furthur.

---- THIS IS FOR 99-00 Grand AMs ---- *

First off, disconnect the Negative on the battery !!
You can/will toast the BCM if not, and they cost around $200 new.

Your BCM is under the glove box.
5 -- 7mm screws/bolts hold the glove box in.
Also you may want to remove the kick panel under the BCM 3--7mm screws hold this up. 2 on the left 1 by the floor light.

Heres a pic of theBCM ( top. We are dealing with the Center plug-in only.
The BCM slides to the right and drops down/out.

Locate Connector C2 (center) on the bcm.
On the "B" side row of pins, locate the dark blue wire B4

Cut this wire B4 , leaving as much as possible still attached to the BCM.
(looking at the back of the plug, top row is "A" and bottom row is "B". The wires are numberd from right to left. I also unpluged the center blu plug(C2) for accessibility).

Now simply add on a piece of wire to the side that is still connected to the body control module.
B4 dark blu ( I used butt splices to connect additional wire and a end piece.

Attach this wire to a good ground, like a screw in the metal part of the dash under the glove box, I used the interior light bracket thats right there next to the BCM.

The BCM now see's this to mean that the regular headlights are on, so it energizes the relay that turns off the DRL's.

The ALC disable .

This is also at the BCM.

At connector C2 , find A3 the yellow/black wire, and B2 light green/black wire
! Be careful because there are two light green/black wires on that connector, the one you want is closest to the yellow/black wire.

Cut these wires again leaving as much wire as possible attached to the BCM. Simply tie the two wires together (I used a electrical wire cap) and then taped it up real good. This would be the same thing as removing ambient light sensor and adding a jumper wire.

Heres a pic A3 B2 Caped ( Then I taped this and the other 3 free ends up(individually) really good to prevent any mishaps.
Just plug the C2 back in, reinstall the BCM and Glove box.
Connect the battery and your done.

The BCM will now think that it is daylight all the time and it will not energize the relay to turn on the headlights.

I'd print this off and read through it several times while looking at the Bcm and the plugs. No need to make any unnecessary cuts.

Just done my 99 GT last night, took like 10-15 mins.
I can turn my head lights on during the day or the parking lights-w/Fogs and or headlights . NO automatic lights on at night.

Good Luck.

07-24-2006, 11:35 AM
Good post Xero. I am going to make it a sticky for awhile with the ability for members to continue posting within the thread just in case there are any comments or questions.

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07-24-2006, 06:07 PM
Good post Xero. I am going to make it a sticky for awhile with the ability for members to continue posting within the thread just in case there are any comments or questions.

That would be great Bob.

I had a hard time getting the wiring diagram up so it was ledgable, seems to be OK now though.

I dont mind questions or comments, bring'em On :lol:
Sure thier will be a few.

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