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Save the Saleen S7

dan carlson
07-17-2006, 12:08 AM
The Saleen S7 could be lost from the U.S. market due to the advanced air
bag requirement that takes effect September 1. Saleen has submitted an
application for temporary exemption with NHTSA which, if approved, would
enable the S7 to be produced and sold in the U.S. for three (3) more
years. (To view the full application, search for Docket Number 25323 at

Until July 20, 2006, public comments are now being solicited and accepted
regarding this application for exemption. If you want to help save the
S7, you may submit your comments electronically via the web site,
http://dms.dot.gov. Click on the tab marked "Comments/Submissions" at the
top of the screen. Enter the following information:

Docket Number: 25323
Operating Administration: NHTSA.
Docket Type: check the Adjudicatory option
Docket Existence: check the Does Exist option

Fill in the rest of the requested information, then follow the
instructions for submitting your comments.

In addition to your own thoughts, a few other arguments in favor of
approving the request for temporary exemption include:

1. The inherent design, materials and construction of the S7 provide
safety well beyond that of other passenger vehicles. The S7 employs a
fully welded roll cage, aluminum honeycomb passenger compartment and
carbon fiber bodywork to protect its maximum of two occupants. The
design, materials and construction have proven to be safe in racing
applications at speeds more than three times the maximum speed limit for
public roads.

2. The S7 is built in extremely limited numbers and driven very few miles
per year. Statistically, as compared to the total passenger miles driven
per year, the S7 mileage is inconsequential to overall saftey on U.S.

3. The S7 is built in the U.S. by American workers using parts that are
primarily sourced from other U.S. companies. Jobs would be lost at Saleen
and critical suppliers should the exemption application not be approved.

4. Saleen would suffer severe economic hardship should the exemption
request not be granted.

5. The S7 is an American icon that competes with the most exotic supercars
in the world. The S7 represents American ingenuity, engineering
capability, craftsmanship and manufaxturing excellence.

Thanks for considering submittal of comments in favor of the S7 air bag
exemption. If you want to know more about this, please call Alan at 949-307-4735.



07-22-2006, 10:36 AM
That is truly the most rediculious,retarded an oblivious action the nhsa has ever taken! How can a car that has been crash tested over 140 an still be intact not be safe. These people need to pull they're head out of their ass!

(Excuse me mods)

Imo ~ Fuck the Nhsa, First the S7 conforms to EMISSIONS by the DOT! Which sets it back in performance thus giving it less of an advantage on the european competiton. Not to mention here are the facts ~ If you buy an S7 you know what your getting into most likely if you do get into an accident the S7 is going right under the imacting car due to it's aerodynamic sleek style an it's low ride height. Air bag's will not do a thing.

The best course of action to avoid this (Other car manufacturer propaganda) is to be excempt from all rules an regulations. The only way to do that is have the S7 taken off the classifacation as roadcar and written under as kit car.

Just my :2cents:

Imo ~ I hate the Dot an the Nhsa there an absolute joke an are nothing but annoyances plotted at enthusiasts 90% of the time. For the general public... what a joke.

11-25-2007, 06:28 AM
AND IF BILLY TALLY would have installed a propper gearbox with a manual sequential shifting, probably the project would have been still alive.

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