About a car

07-16-2006, 07:25 AM
I've been lookin around and I found this car I REALLY like, and I'm not so sure what some of the things mean. I was wondering if someone could give me some info on the description he gave me.

2001 acura integra type r turbo. the car has several performance upgrades but does not retain original engine, it has a b20 block with pistons and rods, pr3 head, original type r trans, direct 4 port nitrous, msd ignition setup, recently installed tubular manifold, recently installed t3 turbo 70 coldside 36 hotside, tial wastegate, zmax bov, aem fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator, and front mount intercooler. there's 26k on the body of the car and transmission and about 1k on motor. the car has factory type r wheels with bf drag tire.

The car in the picture looks clean and he says its in good running condition. My friend said somthing perhaps bad with the nos/turbo combination? Anyways, input would be awesome. The reserve on the car is 11,000, and buyout is 14,000, also its got 26k on the body, and 1k on the motor, I just want to know if theres anything wrong with it. He said the car was in an accident and salvaged, but now has a clear title. He also said he has the carfax report to prove that its clear. Didn't know you could clear a salvage title.

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