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07-12-2006, 06:26 AM
okay so heres the deal..ive owned a few volkswagens in my time and i have owned other cars also..ive also owned a few turbo charged cars but everything i owned that was turbo..came turbo from the factory so im not so sure what all goes into making a turbo kit.i recently purchased a 1986 gti with a 1.8l 8valve motor.has 56k original miles but the body has seen better days.i contimplated motor swaps but i just dont know if its worth it. www.eiptuning.com makes a t3 turbo manifold for the 8valve motor as well as sells a turbonetic t3 turbo charger...as well as many other parts..now with that manifold and that turbo...what else is needed?yes i am aware i need to go with a upgraded set of pistons,and headgasket for sure maybe more.but on top fo the manifold,and turbo itself...what else is needed to complete the kit?any information would be great..thanks guys.

also,is turboing my 1.8L 8V worth it and can it produce decent numbers or is motor swap the way to go.im not looking for anything crazy..id love to be around 300HP but would also be extremely happy at a mere 200HP.

07-12-2006, 07:43 AM
okay so here is what i have come up with as far as what is needed to compile a turbo kit for the car..if anything is missing please let me know.

For Starters-new plugs,wires,timing belt,full tune up and fluids change,upgraded head gasket and forged pistons.

Turbo Kit-
turbo manifold
air fuel controller (safc)
bigger injectors
turbo timer
blow off valve
fron mount intercooler and custom made intercooler pipes
ss braided water cooling lines
ss braided lines for oil
fuel pressure regulator
fuel rail
fuel pump

*let me know if im forgeting anything*

07-12-2006, 08:13 AM
so far this is what i have found and decided on purchasing....

from eip tuning i am ordering-
eip 8 valve cast turbo manifold w/ t3 flange
turbonetics t3 turbo 50trim stage 1 .48 AR
turbosmart 38mm streetgate external wastegate
eip tuning 8valve 3layer low compression headgasket
eip 440cc injectors
greddy turbo timer

and in addition i am ordering-
stb racing front mount intercooler(28x9x2.5)
greddy type rs blow off valve
apexi super afc 2

what i still need is(if you know where i can get this stuff from that would be awesome)-

fuel pressure regulator
fuel rail
fuel pump
forged pistons
ss braided lines for water cooling w/ fittings
ss braided lines for oiling w/ fittings

***if im missing any parts please let me know***alsowith a full tune up and replacement of the headgasket and pistons...is this enough to handle boost on this motor or need more be upgraded,and if so...what?***

07-12-2006, 03:37 PM
Dont waste the money on a 1.8l 8v... they suck

Convert to a aba 2.0 for maybe 800.00 and turbo it. the 1.8L can only hold maybe 170-180

2.0 aba has been known to do 250+ hp at 20psi stock internals and lower compression.

I have a 95 gti2.0 running atp stage 1 turbokit and love it (although atp could work on quality a little)

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