Got another engine swap idea.

carbon mirage
07-04-2006, 02:44 PM
I know we have all heard about 4g63t swaps for the 97+ Mirage but what about a 4g64?Recently I was working on a Galant I believe it was a 98 or 99 can't remember. Anyways it had the same engine orientation as the 4g15 Mirage that I have. I begun to wonder how this would work and if it was possible. I'm a mechanic and I'm down for doing it but I'd like for the mitsu experts on this site to guide me on this thing before I buy anything. Also I want to know if the engine is turbo friendly? How much can I expect out of the engine?I don't want to go all out, just daily driver with an edge (perferablly turbo)!:grinyes: So what you guys think! I'm just tired of the weak 1.5 in my 02 Mirage. I got lots of adds to it such as hi-flow cat and exhaust,cold air, ect. With the Evo body kit and carbon hood a 1.5l doesn't belong in the picture it is still weak with bolt ons and even if turbo'd it still doesn't fit the drift when sitting beside 2.0's and suburus and supras it's just small. Thanks for any help!!! Jacob

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