Srt-4 motor swap please help

07-02-2006, 12:18 PM
Hello Im new to this forum and I have a 01 neon. I would like to do a motor swap. Iv found info the 1st gens but not alot for the 2nd gen. I would like to know what all I will need to do the swap. Iv seen people talking about a web site that has step by step on the swap but cant seem to find it. Any help will be awasome. Thanks

07-02-2006, 02:42 PM
Here is somre info..

You must use the SRT-4 axles.

Parts list for swap into a 2nd gen 5-speed:
-Complete SRT-4 engine/tranny (A/C compressor and PS pump and lines if you plan for those options)
-Complete SRT engine bay harness
-Lower engine torque strut and through-bolt (your original one will not work, bolt hole size on the SRT engine is larger) Upper strut works fine.
-Tranny mount and bracket
-FMIC + hot and cold pipes
-SRT clutch and brake pedal assembly
-SRT clutch master cylinder
-SRT shifter cables
-Fuel pump - I swapped the whole fuel tank.
-SRT O2 sensor
-Boost gauge
-SRT radiator and fans.. not sure if the radiator is needed, but we swapped it over as a complete unit instead of just swapping the fans.
-Dash harness isn't needed but takes care of the boost gauge wiring and pressure line. Only get it if it is cheap or free with the deal.
-Gauge cluster is nice, but not needed.

I think that's everything. With this parts list you won't have to splice anything except the fog light wires (connector is different and wires aren't long enough), and a few very minor things inside if you swap out the dash harness. Also, getting a whole wrecked SRT-4 is so much easier than piecing the swap together.

If I remember correctly from the swap into my 2gen R/T last month, everything is bolt-up except the intercooler and coolant bottle, which was a piece of cake with a hammer, sawzall, drill, and some large screws and washers.

Hope this helps :)

Check this neon site out...

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