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Hot air come out from A/C, help.

06-28-2006, 01:16 PM
hi, i drove to Las vegas last week from LA, the a/c works fine on way, but after i arrived in Las vegas, there is only HOT AIR come out from a/c, i tried let car cool down, but still only hot air come out. it is killing me in Las vegas, it is average 100+ degree out here. any possible solution on this or i must take the car to deal for repair? any idea how much it gonna cost? thanx

07-01-2006, 01:24 AM
well you wanna check if your a/c clutch is kicking on. you can tell by looking at your clutch on ur compressor, it will click on when you turn on the a/c. but it probably isnt. maybe you can check the a/c compressor relay. it is located in ur engine compartment. you should see other relays beside it. try switching relays and see if that works. so you wanna check if there is any freon in ur a/c system. you need some a/c gauges for this. you can rent them for free from autozone.

07-10-2006, 01:50 PM
Mine was blowing hot air, and the clutch was kicking in, but not holding. So if the freon level is good, and the clutch part of your compressor kicks in, but still hot air it is possible u may need a new clutch or compressor.

I got mine evacuated and i went to the junk yard and got another. To check if the compressor is good, cover the holds with ur thumb, and spin the clutch on the compressor. If you didn't feel a suction then it is possible the compressor isn't good. replace it the system and to test the system, go to Walmart and buy freon with a gauge. Tested the a/c to see if the compressor did work.

Note I suggest u get everything first before you pull the compressor. Once you pull it you can't drive until attach it back.

After you test it for kool air ur gonna have to evacuate the system again to get out the air that went into the lines when you pulled the compressor. Then recharge it again with your walmart freon.

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