I need a DME for my 320

06-22-2006, 06:37 PM
I really try everything and canīt make my car runs normally.

It is hard to start, when starts and start to move, push the gas and is like I have 5 tons because it is hard and then when take a little more speed, start to accelerate better but never like it has to.

I am :banghead: with this problem and the car are with specialist since DECEMBER!!!!!, we are in June!!!.

The last speacialist check all the sensors, and at least told me that need to change the DME, he told me that if I dont want to buy a new one from a dealer, I need yo buy exactly with the same numbers, so...

PLEASE HELP ME!!:shakehead :shakehead :shakehead

My car is a 320í Touring 2002 model.

The numbers are:

In One sticker:
DME MS43 7519308
5WK90015 index 06 26.11.01/1

In other sticker:

Please email me at:
or rarrambide@intercable.net

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