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SRS light on my 98 Civic

06-18-2006, 07:42 PM
I have a 98 Civic LX that i bought used. A week after having the car I noticed that the SRS light was on. Im not sure if it was on when i bought the car. 1 Week after noticeing the SRS light on, I noticed that my cruise control and horn werent working. They both worked when i bought the car. Since then i have replaced the horn and the cruise control switch, checked the fuses, and disconnected the battery to clear the computer. Could everything not be working because of the SRS light? what do you all think? please someone help me and let me know what might be causing all my problems. thanks

06-19-2006, 08:58 PM
I'd say it's a coincidence that those problems occurred around the same time, I mean the SRS light has nothing really to do with the integrity of the horn or cruise control. My SRS light is on my civic and no problems liek that have happened to my car thus I'm going to rule out the SRS as the culprit.

06-19-2006, 09:25 PM
I'm guessing that you bought the car from a private person and not a dealer? You're warranty would definitely cover that, especially after 7 days. Not extremely smart riding around with your airbag light on. The light is designed to come on when there is a problem with the system. A steady illuminated light means you have an oppertunity to drive to get it fixed. If it starts flashing (the same as an abs light or check engine light) you are recommended to stop immediately. I work at a dealership, and when we have to change out an airbag, we have to detonate them so they don't exlode during shipping. They come out with such force they will seriously injure you. There are a bunch of reasons why an airbag will activate during a crash, but the main is rapid decelaration....meaning you have lost an amazing amount of speed. Just imagine that it pops and hits you dead in the face when you're driving even at 55 MPH. What are you going to do? They stay inflated so you won't be able to see. Not very smart. Stop by your local repair shop and pay the $80 (at least around here) diagnostic fee and have them find out why the light is on.

06-20-2006, 11:37 PM
Please dont pay $80 to fig out why the light is on. Once the SRS light is on it stays on untill the SRS memory is reset. It will come on just for unplugging the airbag then plugging it back in.

It's interseting that your horn and cruise dont work all of a sudden. The horn, cruise, and airbag electrical lines all go through the Cable Reel behind the steering wheel. There should be a plug comming out of the cable reel that might have been unplugged somehow to kill all those features. It's a 3P (3 prong = 3 wires) connector for the horn and cruise and 2 thicker wires for the airbag comming straight out of the Cable Reel with no plug. The SRS system is wraped in Yellow Tape to indicate it from the regular wire harness. You'll need to take off the lower dash below steering wheel (3 screws) then take off the plastic shroud around the steering wheel column (3 screws and snap clips). Then you can see the 3P connector kinda under the spot where you put your key in. If it's plugged in then you might have to check behind the airbag to see if those connections are plugged in. If your airbag is correctly plugged in then i would just reset the memory to turn off the SRS light. Here's how you do that.
If the light comes back on after you clear it then you have a prob i cant diagnose without looking at the car myself. If the horn & cruise still dont work them you need to get a helms book that shows you how to test the circuit to pinpoint the problem.
I had the cruise not work for 2 years (ever since i bought my 2000 EX) and finally wanted to find the problem. Turns out someone/something cut a single wire way under my dash panels so all i had to do was splice them together. Simple fix.....long time to diagnose. If anythings unclear shoot me a PM or repost on here.

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