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please help me increase hp with my caprice 265 4.3

06-10-2006, 09:09 AM
I bought a 1995 chevy caprice police vehicle. I don't know much about cars, but I thought this would be a great car to have. I have the 265 4.3 v8 engine. I would like to do some things to get the most hp out of this engine.
Can anyone answer any of these questions below? I'm having a hard time finding performance parts for the 265 4.3 v8 (there are a lot parts for the 350 5.7 v8), if possible please help

1. what cold air intake should i use
2. what exhaust should i get
3. are there speed chips for the 265 engine
4. could you tell me any thing that will help me get faster

06-10-2006, 11:35 AM
theres a couple cheap things you could do, but you're not going to get that much power out of an engine that small. The mods will do about the same thing to your engine as someone with an LT1, but since your displacement is much smaller, your gains will be much smaller as well.

Here's some cheap things you could do--check out everthing there will apply to your car. Check the performance section and the exhaust section. Most of these things are stickies there.:

sewer pipe intake mod, home plate and first base delete.

something else called the tb bypass--this ones basically free

If you don't have dual exhaust already, There's something called the frankenstien catback--do a search on it at impalassforum--it's fairly cheap--under 300 dollars if you do the work yourself. Get some good flowing mufflers, cheap ones are summit turbos (under $20 each) or dynomax super turbos (outflow flowmasters and are quieter)

Headers along with your new exhaust would be even better, but again I think most of these gains would be minimal.

After you do some of those mods, you could get a 160 deg, thermostat and a pcm tune made for it and the mods you have. Do the mods first before the tune, and don't do the 160 stat w/o doing the tune, otherwise your car wont run right.

There's some starters

Other ideas-sell your car and get one with an LT1--probably actually the most cost effective. All the money you spend on mods for your smaller engine(l99) will most likely only make you as fast as a stock LT1 (and it will take more than these to get it to that point), but then again, its your car and its fun to do stuff to them.

Hope that helps

06-10-2006, 11:41 AM
I dont think I made it clear when I posted before, any performance parts for the LT1 (except for internals like pistons, etc) are interchangable with your engine (L99) It's basically a baby LT1. Everything will physically fit, but will have less of an effect due to the lesser displacement.

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