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BOTH driver side windows D E S T R O Y E D ...HELP!

07-29-2002, 11:43 PM
It's been a while guys....My P10 is still runnin strong at 115k<well, sort of...>...Anyways, to the point....My front window wouldnt roll down a while ago. My genius dad thought it was the motor itself, I said lets check the relay. While I was watching my kid, he straight TORE APART both driver side doors. He pulled the motor from the back to see if it would work up front: No dice. I told him it was the relay. Anyways, in the process, he took the cables out of the weird harness deal on BOTH doors, the cables are all unthreading, and those grommets or whatever they are that guide the cables before they go into the spindle are all broken off. I know I am screwed, but if any of you have dealings with replacing this stuff, I want to brace myself with how much this is gonna cost me to fix, and if I should go to the stealership, or somewhere else. Domo in advance, guys....

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