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found a 83 or 84 dodge charger cheap!

05-29-2006, 02:24 PM
they are asking $100 for it. Was told it needed a throw out bearing and a fuel pump. I havent looked at the car yet, but I will most likely by if it is fair condition. I dont know that much about this model and type of car, So my question is this.
Is it the same as most other cars when replacing clutch and fuel pump? Or is something totally different.
I dont know why they would just park the car if that was all that was wrong with. I will do a litle more research on the car.
I just thought I would ask and see if this was a bad year or model for chargers.
I think it is close to the daytona style, but it isnt a daytona.

05-30-2006, 11:46 PM
I don't know how much you know about the Chrysler products of the early 1980's, but the 1983/1984 Charger is an "Omni Charger". You will find that this car is the 2-door version of the Dodge Omni. In previous years, they called this model the "Omni 024". Chrysler tacked the "Charger" name on it in an attempt to boost this little FWD car's image. The Plymouth Horizon version of this body was called "Duster" during the same years. Chrysler also used this platform for the Dodge Rampage mini (and I mean "mini") pick-up, Chryslers only attempt at the "El Camino/Ranchero" pick-up passenger car concept. This is not necessarily a bad car, but it is no great shakes either. Not much collector value unless you really like the "Omni/Horizon" FWD platform. $100 is a good price if what you say is truly all that is wrong with this car. With FWD and transverse engine mount, replacing the clutch will be a chore, more work than the older RWD Mopars.

If you are looking for a really potent "Omni/Horizon", find one called the "GLH" or 'GLHS". The term "GLH" stand for "Goes Like Hell". The "GLHS" is the special "Goes Like Hell Shelby" as in "Carroll Shelby". These may have a little more collector value than a standard "Omni Charger".

The "Omni/Horizon" platform was phased out and replaced by the "Shadow/Sundance" line. These two car lines overlapped for one or two model years (1987 & 1988).

05-31-2006, 06:39 PM
The Plymouth Horizon version of this body was called "Duster" during the same years.
They were called Turismos, and some of them had the Duster package. I have owned both.

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