I replaced my 325is engine w/90-325is won't star-only-pushing it

Louis XI
05-28-2006, 06:09 PM
Help....my daugther destroy my engine in my '87 325is crack the oil pan and the rest is to sad to tell ...well I bougth a 90 eng. from a true 325is... nice
cleaned every inch on this engine and painted original black and aluminun colors ...well my problem is: installed the engine on the car, all electrical works I did not use the 90 wiring harness a little different than may.
but would not start with the key.... starter won't turn but i pushed and was able to started.... pull the starter assembly out and tested outside it did kick....put it back on and nothing all I hear is a electrical spark please need info on wiring the starter: main power from battery to lg screw with the alternator-red wire and blk to small screw is that correct?
and if is any starter relays.....thanks for any feed back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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