hello longtime AF member first time previa user

05-27-2006, 11:14 AM
hello all my name is donnie(never mind my username its my wifes nickname for me). ive been along time meber of the s10/blazer forums, and still am. i just lost my mercury villager to a fire and i got a great deal on a 93 previa. great van.
ive got alot to learn about this van, and with your help im sure it will be fast.
the only problems ive seen so far is a small oil leak from the dizzy(distributor) and a check engine like came during first day of driving and still on 2 days later. im going to autozone later today to get codes read. ill come back and let you know what they are.
well time to mow the yard and then to autozone. talk at you all later.

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