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Classifieds Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING

05-23-2006, 02:47 PM
Ok guys, I finally got a new section added so we can freely post sale and wanted ads, and possibly help each other out here. But I do need to lay out some ground rules first.

1.)No Ebay links, or links to any other auction or general listing site. The classifieds are here to help AFers sell their goods to other AFers. Ads with outside links will be deleted or locked at my discretion.

2.)All ads MUST contain the following:

PRICE: Everyone wants to know what something costs. If you post twenty items, post twenty items.

LOCATION: You must include City and State in your ads. Buyers won't know if they can come look at whatever you're selling or figure out if they can get it home if they don't know where it is. Also helps to figure out whether its going to need to be shipped or not.

PICS: We won't say pics are mandatory but come on, how is anyone gonna want to buy anything without seeing it first?

For sale ads not including the above will be addressed by the Cavalier moderating staff (that means me) to decide how to handle it.


If you have something you're trying to get ahold of, feel free to post a want ad. Be sure to put "WTB" in front of the title. I dont want Classifieds to get overcrowded with want ads, so don't post a whole bunch.


Let me just say this, if I get word someone got scammed,or there is an attempt to scam, the scammer will regret it. We have moderators on AF who have access to some very handy tools that can get scammers into a lot of trouble. And if you bail on a deal without explanation, or take money and run, you are a scammer.

There will also be a running list of Good Sellers and Bad Sellers kept current, so that those trying to make a deal can check to see if their seller is on either list.

5.) Bumping

If your for sale thread goes or a week on the main page with no responses, that means no one wants it. Dont bump it. Let it die, try again in a month.


If there are any questions or there is something you feel I have missed, please pM me. Thanks, and I hope people can get some good business.


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