Forum Rules And Guidelines - Must Read!

05-19-2006, 03:07 PM

The following forum rules and guidelines are to be observed and followed at all times.

1) Flaming and vile language WILL NOT be tolerated. Posts flaming or containing vile language will be edited/deleted accordingly.

2) When posting a classified thread, make clear whether it is a For Sale (FS), For Trade (FT) or Want To Buy (WTB) thread.

3) Spam is against Automotive Forums Policy and will ABSOLUTELY NOT BE TOLERATED. All Spam will be immediately deleted.

4) “Post Whoring” is not allowed.

5) “Bumping” threads is not allowed.

6) Use the AF Search function before posting questions. AF SEARCH ( Many topics have already been covered here at automotive forums and chances are some useful information has already been posted somewhere at this site. If you used the search and still have questions, feel free to make a thread and ask them, but make sure and let people know you have done research and used the search function already.

7) Stay on topic in the forums and do not post false information or hearsay. If it is off topic and does not pertain to the forum or thread, it belongs elsewhere in the appropriate forum. Remember, automotive forums has an off-topic/coffee break forum for this. OFF-TOPIC/COFFEE BREAK FORUMS (

8) If you have any problems or for any reason need to talk to a moderator, please contact a moderator though a personal message (PM).

9) Upon creating your username and account, you agreed to follow all these rules. The AF User Guidelines are to be followed at all times, read them and make yourself familiar with them. AF USER GUIDELINES (

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