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05-19-2006, 02:39 PM
My goal is to make 400hp daily and be able to make 600+ on the track.
my motor set up is a ls/vtec, aebs sleeved b18b bored to 84mm, pauter rods, ross
racing pistons/rings 8.5cr, itr oil pump, type r bearings, b16a head, arp head studs, cometic head gasket, buddy club spec 5 cams 11.8mm 306 duration lift exhaust, 12.8mm lift 312 duration intake side. buddy club dual valave srings, stainless valves, ti retainers, cam gears. (all buddy club). edelbrock victor x intake manifold. 70mm, bbk throttle body, a t3/4 hybrid turbo with a ar.86 hot side. 1000cc injectors, all managed with aem ems. What do you think about that setup?

I asked a shop that builds engines and this is what I got back form him.

I would change every single thing except the sleeved block and the
intake manifold. Somebody is giving you bad advice and costing you
of money for no reason. You spent a fortune, and some of the parts are
very low quality and the turbo is probably too small, it has to flow
over 65 lbs minute, look that up. Those cams are useless, sell those
right away, use Honda type-R cams. Those springs are not made in the
USA, as the retainers, and you should sell them right away for some
quality parts and chromoly retainers that dont wear. You should sell
those pistons, and get some offset pin pistons with a superior ring
package, better design, lighter, better pins, and coated skirts. You
should sell those rods and get some with better rod bolts. You should
pay alot of money to get the block diamond bored and honed, and the
bearings all blueprinted. You should also sell that EMS, and get a
Hondata S300. Nothing works better and is more simple to use. Sell
throttle body, it does nothing and won't add even 1 HP to the motor,
the air is pressureized inside the intake manifold...the TB size doesnt
affect this, thus it does not make anymore power. Also, go back to
Honda valves, the stainless valves you have are several steps below the
metal quality and strength of a Honda Valve.

By the looks of all that, this is an easy $10,000 dollar motor, so if
your going to spend a fortune, at least use parts made in Japan and the
USA that are superior in strength and quality that last much longer
put under stress.

do you guys agree or disagree with him? Just wondering if I build a good motor or just wasted a lot of $.

05-19-2006, 06:39 PM
the shop guy seems like a tard....the setup is good, but idk if i'd push it to 600whp. I dont know the exact specs on the turbo...i need to know the compressor housing size....so i can't say that it'd keep up at 600whp. I really doubt that it would. I say 400whp is pretty close to as far as i'd push a standard t3. The setup needs fine tuning and i agree w/ some of the things he said, but i disagree with far more of what he said.

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