Mazda 3

05-04-2006, 11:58 AM
there is a black mazda 3 rolling around town that is very nice. Lowered full kit chrome 17's and it sounds mean. well this morning i was headed into town to grab some food when he pulled up next to me aty the light. i had this gut intention telling me not race him. he sat there and reved for the entire light and when it hit green he went to take off then realized i wasnt so he stayed beside me he rolled down his jet black tinted window and it was a STATE COP!! he gave mne a thumbs up and drove away. Yesterday i saw the same car chasing a mustang threw traffic so im assuming he is busting people for racing. Ive heard rumors of a supercharged mustang they were running on the main highway around here busting people but now ive actually seen a cop driving a tuned out car. It really makes me sick. I dont know if this kind of thing has happened anywhere else? id like to know if it has or could it be that its jsut a coincidence that he is a cop and races which is very very very unlikely i have no idea but it scares me to think that the cops could even do that to begin with

05-07-2006, 01:45 PM
that's like cheating..and the state better not have paid for that, i'd be pissed if my tax dollars was going to fund a ricer cop car. unless they repossesed it and then started using it..but still..good job for not takin the bait tho :)

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