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Rebuild questions. RB26dett

04-30-2006, 11:08 AM
I'm looking to do a bulletproof rebuild and aiming for 500hp(i belive 500 hp is more than enuf at the wheels or not)
my main goal is reliability aka it's no good to me if it doesn't last 100k
and price is a big deal too the cheaper the better. I baby my cars but i do drive hard evry once in a while but i do i drive real hard.
that said here are my questions.

boring size: 130k on block should i overbore ? (i noticed the cheaper forgies require overbore)

forged pistons: good and cheap ones?(close clearences perfered i don't want to have to warm up long or at all if possible it is a daily driver)

con rods: good deals? (how are crower for the rb26) no jun,tomei and such they cost a arm and leg.

oil pump: it's a 1990 eng so any tips(not changing crank unless i get full conter at awesome price)

boring: getting someone to bore with dummy block is it worth it in my case if i'm only aiming for 500hp? only know of tomei that does it but i'm not in japan not to mention there expensive.

water pump: oem ok?

valve train:clueless in this department.. rember high milege reliability and planning on keeping stock redline unless i get crank.

headgasket:willing to spend money here along with all arp hardware
i'm so parinoid it's gonna blow and wreck my bottom end.

injectors:stock isn't gonna cut it for 500 hp is it?

turbos:i want ones that bolt onto stock manifolds garrets are within my price and like the one in the disco potato but i'm open to ideas

Other stuff that i just can't think of right now(but you probably can so plz comment):

my budget ... don't really have one but cheaper means i can do other stuff to the car.

Post away plz.

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