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The old check engine light ?

04-29-2006, 09:56 PM
91 legacy, engine light on forever, just had the tranny rebuild. the tranny guy at aamco said the the emmision canister needed relaced, do so light still on. if I'm reading his chicken scratching right the code is 35? also it looks like maybe it say's something about a purge valve. OK just to prove to you how much in the dark I am ( I admitted it) what is a purge valve and where is it. could it cause the engine light to stay on. Thanks Jim

04-30-2006, 06:35 AM
Have you or the person ,who replaced the cannister, done anything involving the radiator. There is a purge valve for purging the air from the cooling system. I can't tell you where it is on you vehicle as I don't know what vehicle you have. Personally I would start by resetting the computer. Simply disconnect the negative cable from your battery for a short period of time.

05-04-2006, 12:16 PM
First off, double check the code (and as the previous poster suggested, reset the computer and see if it comes back) and become familiar with the procedure yourself. Get to Josh's page for the procedure:

Click on 'notes and tips' then on 'engine related'.

But don't take the code literally. What has occurred is the computer has tripped a code based upon the reading it gets from a sensor or sensors. Code #35 lists: "Canister purge solenoid valve" also lists as: "Solenoid valve inoperative".

The charcoal canister system is set up to gather and recover gasoline fumes. This system is often compromised when liquid gasoline overflows into the system. It tends to make the charcoal in the canister break up and get into the small rubber tubes of the system and cause trouble. How does liquid gasoline get into this system? Two common ways: 1) filling the tank too full When the pump stops, don't keep bumping it to get more into the tank 2) close to full on a cold day, then when the gas warms it expands into the charcoal system.

So my best suggestion (which carries as much weight as a note scribbled on a bar napkin) is the charcoal recovery system needs to have the rubber tubes purged and the operation of the valve checked.


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