Series II swap into a 92 Park Avenue

04-24-2006, 08:09 PM
Hi all - well after doing quite abit of research, and with some helpful responses from people on this site - im going to KO my plans for transplanting a supercharger into my 92 normal 3800 engine. When i found a 92 PA Ultra with 100k, i was pretty excited, and stripped the supercharger/intake/rail/pulleys and computer (i think i would need another computer (total two?) I didnt have the $125 or so that i would need for this - so i hid everything in the ford section in a pink Maverick (yes). I decided to do some more research last night before going back and getting it - and Now im thinking really i should just scrap that idea, and go for a 3800 Series II (preferably from a 96 and later).
SO - heres my new question(s). Could someone give me a play by play on what it takes to swap the Series II into a 92 PA? Do i need to change the tranny - and the ECM and PCM? Do i need to change the whole wiring harness (Please say no :) ) And how about mounts etc. Mainly im hoping someone could say more than - yes you can swap a 3800 II in for the 3800, or 'you should just get a newer car' etc. Thanks for details.
(and oh yeah, to be nice, ill return the s/c and intake etc to the original Buick - and make someone happy)

04-25-2006, 12:21 AM
I'm not sure on the tranny, but I'm pretty sure you would need the wiring harnesses and the PCM. You may or may not need to the harness, but it would be a good idea to keep. I'm not familiar enough with the 92/96 era 3800 series II, but when I swapped engines from my olds to my lesabre, the harnesses were designed differently, although the cars were manufactured less than 6 months apart and had essentially the same body.

The wiring really isn't as hard you would think, as long as you label everything you take off.

04-25-2006, 08:42 AM
My sister-in-law's 99' grand prix has a series II, and I noticed that there are 2 engine mounts that bolt into the front of the car (easily accessable above the radiator) The 92' models (and all 91-94 3800s for that matter) don't have the engine mounts here, so you may have to modify your engine compartment for the series II mounts. Oh, and yeah, the PCMs and harnesses are different. Your best bet is to get the components out of a 95' or 96' because the information center is the same as the 92'. You could get the electrical manual for the model you'll be getting the series II out of, and use it for your electrical work. It'll make the job a ton easier!

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