Outer CV Boot Saga Continues

07-17-2002, 11:33 AM
Anyone with experience on replacing the outer CV boots on both sides. I have torn everything down and can't seem to seperate the outer CV joint from the shaft so that I can replace the boot. Two questions:

How do you get the joint to seperate from the rest of the half shaft? Is there a circlip that must be removed prior?

Can the joint be removed from the halfshaft without removing the entire shaft from the transmission? I am attempting to remove the outer joint while the remaining shaft is in place. Will this work?


07-18-2002, 01:45 PM
This is a follow-up to my own posts regarding the outer C/V boot replacement, it may or may not come in handy for someone attempting to do this for the first time. I actually finished the job last night and all in all it was not that difficult, however, it was quite time consuming for me being a first timer. I would not hessitate doing this job again, and I figure that I saved myself about $150 for the labor.

The most important part is having the right tools for the job. I found myself continually being without a particular tool that I needed and I had thought that I had sufficient tools to get the job done before I started.

Particular tools that one should have is a good 1/2 inch or 3/4 breaker bar for the wheel nut (36 MM). The outer C/V joint will seperate from the half shaft without removing it from the tranny, however, you need a slide hammer to do this. I attempted to get it off just about everyother way I could think of, I just couldn't generate the leverage that I needed. I broke down and got the slide hammer and with two whacks it came right off. Another essential tool, often overlooked is the particular crimping tool for the boot bands.

I also learned that I didn't need to totally remove the whole wheel knuckle, you just need to unbolt the tie rod end and kingpin so that the steering knuckle drops down and swings out so that the half shaft can be removed. You also do not need to remove the antilock brake wheel sensor. This would have saved some time as it took me about an hour to remove the anti lock sensor because it was so rusted.


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