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93 Legacy L Engine wont start in the cold

04-21-2006, 08:31 AM
It seems like a fair weathered problem but my car will not start when it is cold. The battery is good, the alternator and the starter are good too (so I am told) but When it is cold out side the car will initially turn over for as long as I turn the key, but sometimes it will do everything but turn over (i.e. the clock comes on and all the interior stuff), but it only makes a clicking sound instead of turning over :banghead: . Anyway, Iím not versed to well in automotive technical language, although I know what all the big parts are. I have heard that there is some kind of "washer" that can be replaced or added and that will solve the problem...Does anybody know what this same problem is and know how to fix it? Hopefully you will know what this "washer" thing is (since that sounds cheap and easy) But I will be grateful for any other advise and expertise. Thanks in advance, Dan

04-27-2006, 02:27 PM
Are all the large power cables free of corrosion? This includes the crimped portion of the connection.

In the starter, or in the wiring to the starter. Brushes in the starter are a common cause of the no-start you discuss. And the wiring of the starting circuit are a common problem, too. You'll need to locate the spade connector on the starter. When you turn the key to 'start', you're supposed to send 12V with enough current (ca. 10 amps) to energize the Bendix. Too much resistance in the starting circuit, and this won't happen.

How does one decide? I've used the dangerous method of energizing the Bendix straight from the battery. Put a female spade on the end of a wire and attach it to the starter in place of the current one. You can then hook the other end to the + battery terminal and the starter should spin the engine. Alas, with the potential of highly flammable Hydrogen near the battery and a high potential for a spark, you shouldn't do it quite that way!!! Use a second wire from the battery + terminal and then cross these wires a safe distance from the battery.

Oh and be sure nobody is near the engine and you aren't wearing a tie, beads or other objects that might get caught in the spinning engine. With the iginition on, you should be able to start the engine this way if the wiring in the starting circuit is at issue.

Please be safe!


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