HELP!DFW tx alternator?newbattery!

04-19-2006, 09:59 AM
:eek:Hi.I tried taking out the alternator myslef and ended up with the airtake part or whatever. now I still have to find the damn altenaotr,I am assuming(dont say IT!) that this is the reason it wont start ever,I have replaced the abttery with new. I also have Hydrolic fluid leak and can see it lost its selas around the front left drivers side tire,the scrunchy ball thing that holds the very expensive fluid is nt sealed and it looks like a mess to fix. I am broke so I am trying to do this myself. I am a girl and not very aotushop prequalified. Can it only be the leak is reason it wont start? How do I fix this mess leak and altenaotr from junkyard is my only hope of its that as the problemo. ANyone a mechanic wanna give a gal a break and HELP ME? I would be most appreciative. I live in DFW airport area of tx. 817=706-1848:banghead:

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