Good for a Student?

04-13-2006, 12:27 AM
Holy lurker, I know.

But I'm lookin' for cars 'round the $5,000 range, and indeed, Volvo is one of 'em. However, no BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc is. Why? I mean, the competition is the likes of Honda Accords, Toyota Camrys, and Ford Escorts. I question this price being a concern of reliablity? Perchance they just depeciate quicker than any other country?

I would like something that would be generally repair-free, and if the repairs on the Volvo are somewhat more than what I'd pay on a Japanese automotive, I'm willing to part with that trade-off. But I've heard horror stories... people paying as much in repairs as they did buying the thing! But I've also heard stories of people who never had to meet a mechanic.

So what say AF? Is a Volvo going to be the good call? I'll be attending college this year (graduating high school this Summer), and would like something to drive to and from college (livin' at home; campus is but :15 away), and would just accumulate the general amount of miles.

04-30-2006, 09:12 AM
Volvo would probaly be a good choice for you. The most sxspensive thing to do in the cars is a clutch and Heater core. Heater cores aren't really common and clutches well ya know, they evenually wear out. The clutch only applies to the FWD Volvos.

If you want an 850 they are nice cars but if you plan on engine mods then go for a turbo model (T-5, T-5R, 850R) and you won't be frusterated, they were made from 94-97. GLT's are non-turbo and started in '93, they had auto tranny issues with the 93's so another thing to watch out for.

I have 170K on mine and only had to shange the O2 sensor and Cam posistion sensor for it. They are good cars.

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