Will ZR2 Fenders Fit a Standard 2001 SLT Jimmy?

04-09-2006, 03:27 PM
Hello All,

Long time reader first time poster. There is really a bunch of smart people in the know handing out on these forums and I am glad I found this place and hope to be able to contribute to the community as wel!

I have a 2001 GMC Jimmy SLT that has been lifted and the problem I am having is after the lift I bought some new rims and tires and the dimensions of the tires are LT 245/75/r16 which roughly equate to 31's and they are scrubbing on the inside of the fenders a bit when you go over some bumps or are turning to go into a drive on a slight turn.

I can not figure out a way to cut the inner fender w/out it looking retarded. I know the ZR2's are built from the factory lifted and and designed to take a bigger tire.

My question is what would I have to do and what parts are nesecarry to to swap the fenders out to ZR2 fenders to give me that extra bit of room so I can get rid of the scrubbing? If this will actually even work?

Also my CV shafts have a wicked angle now and the boots will not stay on. Are there any options out there (most likely after market) to replace the axle's to fix the angle and allow the boots to stay on and keep the joints sealed? I can not adjust the torsion bars down because the tires will now allow it.

Any help is really really appreciated!


04-10-2006, 02:43 AM
Anyone? I'm sure many people have done lifts and had similar issues. Please do share and toss in your thoughts or point me in the direction of where I might be able to find this information out.


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