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V10 engine specs

03-28-2006, 05:10 PM
I am looking for information on the vipers v10 engine. so far what i ahve found is that is was based of the LA or LF (not sure which) v8 family of engine and was originally forged in iron as a truck motor. When chrysler owned lambo they coordinated they efforts to forge the engine out of aluminum and lambo wanted it to be DOHC I think, but chrysler thaught it would be too expensive and unreliable. I dont know if the engine ever got put into a lambo in any form close to its form in the viper.

I am curious about the heads flow charictaristics and head work and bottom end work required for safe turbocharging and what modifications need to made or have been made to increase the redline. also what are some of the higher rpms that people have achieved in their v10s?

Are there any transaxles that bolt up to this engine, possibly from a lambo?

This is all jsut to satisfy pipedreams and generally for the sake of knowledge.


(edit) I am really just looking for a technical website(edit)

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