Street Racing Rules & Guidelines (Read Before Posting)!

03-27-2006, 01:11 PM

Off Topic Threads:
There is an off topic sub-forum here in the racing section. Please make your off topic threads there. Only post street racing stories, videos, and related topics here. Please find the correct forum for you thread before posting.

Off Topic Posts:
Keep threads on topic and donít hijack other peopleís threads. Depending on how sever your posts may be deleted or the thread may be closed. It isnít fair to whoever started the thread. If you want to talk about something else start another thread in the appropriate forum.

Threads and posts pertaining to member's project cars:
There is a forum in the Cars In General section for that. In the Non Specific forum there is a redirect at the top as well. Please make your posts or threads pertaining to your project cars or other members projects there.

Dragging Up Old Threads:
If the last post in a thread is more than three months old donít post in it and bring it back up to the top. If you want to discuss something in an old thread start a new one and quote or reference the old thread instead of dragging the old one up. The thread will be closed ending your discussion anyhow.

Flaming & Personal Attacks:
This is not tolerated. If you participate in this you will be warned about it and your posts may be deleted and the thread may be closed. If you repeatedly do this you will be offered a vacation from AF. If after your temporary banning you still insist on doing this you will receive a permanent vacation from AF.

Spam & Advertising:
We consider these types of threads and posts to be the same thing. If you want to advertise on the site you may contact Igor. If you are caught advertising without permission you will be banned and all violating threads/posts will be removed.

Post Whoring & Flooding:
This isnít tolerated. If you donít have something meaningful to add then donít post. Also, donít fill up the forum with a ton of threads.

This is also not allowed.

The Search Feature:
This is your friend. Before asking a question please use the search first. If you donít find your answer there then feel free to post.

Who Will Win Threads:
Do not post these. If you want to know, go out and race and then post the race in here. This is the Street Racing forum not the Speculation Forum. Also, there is a Car Comparison Forum that would be better suited for threads like that.

Posting Guidelines:

Posting Races:
When posting races be sure to start off with what cars were involved and what mods they might have. Also, make the story legible, especially if it is long, because nobody likes to read a long run on sentence or try to decipher your street language. We speak English, use it. When responding to post, before you call BS just remember that you werenít there before making comments. However, when it is plain BS be sure to point it out but no need to be a complete ass about it.

Please keep these at a reasonable size. If we think your signature is too large we will let you know via PM. Especially people with huge pictures in their sig.

Weíre not your mom but please make sure there is more to your vocabulary then four letter words.

Lastly read the AF Guidelines, ( agreed to them when you registered so follow them.

Thank you ~ Street Racing Moderation

-The Stig-
03-28-2006, 01:42 AM

This ain't Vietnam, this is AF. We have rules. Follow 'em.

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