4g63 swap

carbon mirage
03-25-2006, 10:12 PM
I know I know this has been put on a 1000 and 1 times!! LOL But I have some questions for you Pros!!I have a 2002 mirage and I want more power!! 1.5 are alright but turbo dohc's are alot better.Anyways, the trans of the 1.5 is on the driver side and the front is on the passenger side.My question is how will the 4g63 turbo engine fit cause it is vice versa (trans on passenger side).Correct me if I'm wrong. I have read this is easy and will bolt right up. Is this true? I'm not a pro but the mounts don't look like they'd work without some sort of welding.What about the halfshafts how will that work out? I'm just left behind on this topic.I'm a mechanic and these things are the first things that come to mind in swaps to me.Also if you flip the eclipse engine the manifold will be in the back.I understand the lancer 2.0 is the same set up as mine (trans on driver side) I think it would be easier to do but a whole lot more expensive and harder to find.How well is the 1.6 Dohc turbo in the older mirages do?Is there any performance parts for these?I have alot of questions and don't know where to go or what to look for.Is the older eclipse turbo (90 thru 94) different than the new ones as far as fitting in my car. Please help!!!!!!! LOL Thanks Jacob

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