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2000 Ford explorer limited key code

03-18-2006, 09:52 PM 2000 Ford explorer limited
i just bought a 2000 Ford explorer (limited) from an insurance compnay, they dont have the key for it and i am trying to find if there is a way to find the code for it any where inside the vehicle and take it to the dealer and cut a new key, i asked the ford dealer to get the code for me and they said that i have to tow the truck to their lot , which i am fine with, but the issue here is the 4X4 is locked since the transmission is on Park, how am i going to tow it?!!!:banghead: they only way is to lift it up by a crane all the way to their lot :frown: help me please if you know where to find the code for the key cutting , i am ready to look any where in the truck.. thanks

03-19-2006, 12:25 AM
Couple of thoughts here.

Call a locksmith and have them come to you and have them cut a key. There are books for them to cut the keys. The code you're thinking about is the keyless entry code and that's not the same as the code for the key.

Have a tow truck come out and do a dolly or flatbed tow to dealership. If you're too far out for this to be affordable and want to tow it yourself and don't mind getting under the truck, you can disconnect the driveshaft from the rear axle and the back of the transfer case. Then you can tow with the rear wheels on the ground and the front wheels on the tow dolly. Let us know what happens.

03-20-2006, 10:41 PM
Thank you so much for the info. , i have the keyless entry code for the doors, but here is what happened; i went to the dealer and i asked for a key to unlock the ignition and they cut one for me, i went to the truck and it didn't work, i went back to the dealer to double check if the cut the right one and they confirm that it's the right one,i thought that someone has change the igntion lock, i went to locksmith and they asked for $150 just to get there and get me a key that release the igntion lock( it wont start the truck though) and by chance i was holding the Ford dealer key that they cut for me earlier and the guy there asked me if i have the code for that key and he looked at the dealer reciept and found a code, he compaired the key with the code and he told me that Ford had cut a diffrent key, and he cut a new one for me for $30 and it worked. so just an advice for others DO NOT TRUST FORD DEALERS. they are privetly owned and they dont give a S*** .. excuse me for my language. thank you so much again ...

03-22-2006, 10:45 AM
Be nice never know if a Ford dealer parts guy is reading your post. Dealers can be shifty but not all of them are. I happen to think that our service and parts depts are excellent and we go way out of our way to help customers just like you. BTW...I'm a Chevy don't think that I'm just here defending Ford.

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