03-18-2006, 02:20 PM
Ok, Im trying to do something suggested by LadynredSi..and Im trying to find my FITV to take it off, so far Ive found that it is directly under the Throttle body, I looked, nothing that I can distinguish. There is a coolant line that seems to be running into the tb, but nothing that could be detached from it..this coolant line exites the other side of the tb and runs into the IACV/EACV I took that off and the screen is clean (interesting to try and run it like that though!). What I'm asking for is a picture of its location, orientation, or maybe just a picture of it off of the engine..All I am seeing is throttle body with coolant lines running in and out of it...Unless I am supposed to remove the tb, which would suck. Also, does it have wires running to it, I dont think it does, as there are none there, but if it does that would help alot.

*Edit* Ill be damned, I dont have one! I finally found a picture and I sure as hell do not have one of those, nowhere to be found! I don't think I have a stock TB but it's just not there.... I'll try and get a pic up though.

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