Z3 Engine

03-17-2006, 07:27 AM
Hi There Ė your help is appreciated. Iíve just blown the engine on my 2.8L Z3. Some dummy left the radiator cap loose and it came off during a long drive. Block overheated and is now good for nothing so Iím looking for a new engine. The current engine is an S1 single vanus (286S1) with the crank shaft sensor on the block (middle, towards the back) as opposed to having the sensor at the front. Now I canít for the life of me find an engine with this configuration. Iíve been told that I need to replace like for like as the engine management system wonít accept anything else. Are there any work arounds? Can I make the S2 fit? Can I use an engine with sensor at the front? Any guidance welcome. Thanks in advance.


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