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06 aftermarket - not much or???

03-13-2006, 08:03 PM
Hello, new to forum, just bought an 06 Navigator Black 4x w all the toys.

As a former owner of an 03 Escalade and a 05 H2 finding it hard to believe that there is not much for body kits and chrome or billet interior and exterior accessories. Grille inserts ( not covers. nothing more gross than seeing the old grille behind a grille cover ) to replace the existing waterfall grille? Dont want lambo doors. Cannot get my head around that.

Other than changing the rear tail lights and adding billet door handle surrounds, I dont see much out there including lowering kits. Any chipsets or supercharger kits?

We are putting on 24" MOZ Dinner Rolls Black/Chrome or 24" MOZ Towers Black/Chrome and next year when Falken gets thier stuff together we are going 26. But that is next year. (the guy who has the Navigator with the 24" Esinem Floaters, I would love to see a pic, my H2 had the 25" Esinem Floaters -- caution they had a faulty design causing early models of the floater to sieze. Let me tell you the racket they make doing should make sure you have the upgrade DUB offers)

In any case, anyone know of a company like Defenderworx who does H2 and H3 billet accessories for the Hummer market who would do the same for the Navigator?

As well, is there a drop in sub, I bought one specially designed for the H2 that fit where the spare went in the back, awesome, and wanted something similar for the Nav.
Any pics of a Nav flamed out? We were going to do this to the H2 till a customer of mine offered me 100K for it and sold it. The idea is silver realistic flames on the hood and sides with detail in the flames and then detail in the detail (closer you get the more detail you see).

End of the day want a SEMA quality show vehicle same as I did for the H2 and Escalade.

Any tips let me know. Thanks.

BTW, IMO the 07 Navigator is the ugliest thing on 4 wheels. How the H are they planning on competing with the luxury SUV market with THAT thing?:screwy:


06 Navigator (enroute)
06 smart fortwo Brabus Edition
05 H2 (sold)
04 Avalanche Z66
03 Escalade (sold)
03 Acura RSX
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