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t3/04 vs. t3/04b

03-12-2006, 03:36 PM
ive been lookin for a turbo kit for my 97 integra ls....its goin to be drove daily but it only has 57k miles so it isnt so bad...ive been leaning torward the turbonetics turbo but i cant figure out wat the difference is between teh t3/04 and the t3/04b turbo..i know that the t3/04 is ballbearing but wat else is the difference between tehm...and would i be better off with a ball bearing turbo for my car or not????i want a turbo that is fast spooling, so which turbo would be better for not as worried about having an extremly high top end but more of a fast spooling turbo..also would there be another turbo you would recomend for me that would do that??thx for any help

03-14-2006, 06:45 PM
A T3/T4 turbo is a generic term. A T3/T4 can be a T3/TO4E, a T3/TO4B, a T3/TO4S, or any one of a few other combinations. Being a T3/TO4E does not automatically make it a ball bearing turbo. T3/TO4E wheels are newer and more efficient than TO4B wheels. Typically the TO4E wheels will actually spool quicker while supporting more horsepower. For a stock integra LS i'd run a T3/TO4E 50-trim with a stage 3 turbine wheel and a .48 or .63 A/R turbine housing, from Precision Turbo and Engine this would be called an SC5031E. Call them up, 219-996-7832, and ask for advice on what to run.

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