Colorado Rear main seal leak

03-12-2006, 11:47 AM
This truck is a 2006 colorado crew cab with a L-5 engine.It was purchased new from the dealer.
In two months it has been at the dealer for 18 days to repair a rear main seal leak.
I have contacted Chevy customer service four times and they WILL NOT replace the truck or offer anything--What a waste of time.
On the rear main seal leak. They put in three seals and looked at two or three other ones and refused to use them because they looked bad. Chevy finally sent them a redesigned 2007 seal installed in its own housing. The dealer spoke to the engineering designer of the engine and he said he has seen this problem before, but when I contacted "customer service" they said there is no problem with this engine.
They tested the truck running it on the stand for two hours and a forty mile rode test. So Chevy gets to test there problems on my truck with no compensation to me.
Chevy is losing market share and having a problem attracting new customers but they also are having a problem holding onto the customers that they have.
It also has been to the dealer for two wheel alignments and a rear window replacement.
I have owned 8 new chevy vehicles in 25 years, but this sad to say is my last one.
This truck is an engineering mess.

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