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Pulling crankshaft balancer

03-10-2006, 10:19 AM
98 status, needs new water pump, but I can't get the balancer pulled off, is they're any trick to it, started w/ 2 jaw puller, quickly damaged that, went to my gm type puller designed to be bolted to balance, but since no holes I stuck bolts into and then behind the slots, can get 2 of 3 to hold very well, but can't get it out, bending washers and 5/16" bolts and can't get the balancer to move.

I had a thought this morning that maybe I'm not pushing on the end of the crank, do I need to push against the bottom of the hole. I can't see any keyway from the end so maybe that's not the crankshaft end I'm seeing.
(by the way with the 2 jaw puller I was pushing on the bolt after backing it out a few turns).

Not a complete newbe plenty of GM v8 experience, but new to Dodge.


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