Attention people in Charlottesville VA

03-09-2006, 10:09 PM
If you live in the Charlottesville Virginia area, there is a new auto club. Cville's Finest is an auto club for car enthusiast started february of 2006. Currently there are not many members as our membership selection is very fine so please get on the forum and join the site, we need some clubs in charlottesville!! They pick the best to join the club. The website is ( , for AOL users it may not load, so please use Internet Explorer. Once on the website please view their pictures, videos and please join thier Cville's Finest Forum. There is a link on the website to the forum but if it does not work for some reason, the forum can be found at: (
The membership application process as of march 9th is on hold as thier website has an error in the application BUT you may still apply for membership (which is free but selective) by emailing the information asked by the application to the website owner at
So ya just wanted to tell people about it cus there rnt alot of clubs and stuff in charlottesville we should support this one...
thanx guy

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